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"Wake Up To A Fresh Start, Debt Free" book written by our very own Julie O'Bryan

Julie O'Bryan  |  10-11-16 | 10:47am

The O'Bryan Law Offices staff is excited to announce that Julie's new book, "Wake Up To A Fresh Start, Debt Free" is on it's way! Full Story

Some Important Things NOT To Do Before Filing for Bankruptcy

Julie O'Bryan  |  09-13-16 | 2:03pm

Thinking about filing for bankruptcy? Here are a list of things NOT to do before you file! Full Story

Personal Financial Management Requirement In Bankruptcy

Julie O'Bryan  |  01-07-15 | 2:17pm

In 2005, Congress enacted broad changes to the federal bankruptcy code. Among these changes was the new requirement that an individual debtor must complete a course in personal financial management before a bankruptcy discharge can be ordered in the case. The hope was that by mandating a little financial education, the individual would be able to make better financial choices and have a better chance at future economic success. Full Story

Will I Lose All My Stuff If I File for Bankruptcy?

Julie O'Bryan  |  12-31-14 | 2:14pm

A common concern of our clients is whether they will lose their possessions if they file for Bankruptcy. The answer to that question is quite simply, generally no. The Bankruptcy Trustee or your creditors will not take the clothes off your back or the majority of your household goods and other possessions. There are certain exemptions available to everyone that files Bankruptcy that allows most people to protect most, if not all, of their possessions. Full Story

What are the Most Common Reasons for Filing Bankruptcy?

Julie O'Bryan  |  12-24-14 | 12:17pm

Hundreds of thousands of Bankruptcies are filed each and every year. Many of these Bankruptcies are personal Bankruptcy cases that are filed to stop foreclosures, while others are filed due to medical debts, job loss, and simple inability to afford monthly payments for debts. However, the most common reasons for Bankruptcies are as follows: Full Story

The Many Benefits of a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Julie O'Bryan  |  12-17-14 | 12:06pm

A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is a repayment plan that allows an individual or couple to repay a portion of their debts over a three to five year period. A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy plan payment is often much less than what someone has been trying to pay each month before Bankruptcy for all of their bills. Chapter 13 Bankruptcies have many benefits and offer some advantages that you may not find elsewhere. Full Story

Bankruptcy Can Stop Your Wage Garnishment

Julie O'Bryan  |  12-10-14 | 8:00pm

A wage garnishment generally occurs when a creditor receives Court permission to withhold a portion of your paycheck or bank account funds in order to satisfy a debt. A wage garnishment can be devastating to an individual or family and often makes an already bad financial situation much worse. Full Story

Will the bankruptcy court tell me I can’t file?

Julie O'Bryan  |  12-03-14 | 1:06pm

Many people are nervous that once their bankruptcy case is filed that the Judge or bankruptcy Trustee might say no, or reject their bankruptcy petition. In short, the chances of this happening are very slim. The attorney’s job is to guide you through the process and assess your entire situation so that the bankruptcy petition filed with the court, whether a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, is the best fit for you and is in compliance with the rules of bankruptcy law. Full Story

Is Life Over After Bankruptcy?

Julie O'Bryan  |  11-26-14 | 1:04pm

No! Filing a bankruptcy does not mean that you will never have credit again. In fact, filing bankruptcy can make it simpler for you to start rebuilding your credit more quickly. If a Chapter 7 is a good fit for your circumstances, you can begin to rebuild in as little as 3 months. Additionally, once the discharge of your bankruptcy is complete, your debt to income ratio will already be improved. And did you know that you can qualify for an FHA mortgage as quickly as 2 years following your bankruptcy discharge? Full Story

Do I have to be Behind on Bills before I File a Bankruptcy Case?

Julie O'Bryan  |  11-19-14 | 12:58pm

Many of the clients we work with have fallen behind on their mortgage payments, car payments, credit card payments, and many other bills. We also frequently work with clients that have not yet fallen behind on any of these bills but see that they simply cannot keep going the way they are going and will be behind in the near future. I am often asked whether someone should file now if they are not yet behind on bills or wait until they get behind on bills to file. Full Story

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