9 Ways to Have a More Productive Day

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Julie O'Bryan  |  01-22-18 | 3:30pm

With the onset of winter comes cold and dreary days that result in cold and dreary moods. It can feel like your motivation levels are hitting an all time low and your days are becoming less and less production. To help combat those feelings, here is a list of nine things to do the night before and in the morning to have a more productive day.

Plan Ahead

Set out your clothes and prep your lunch the night before. This helps ease your morning routine and will prevent the stress that can come with picking what to wear or not having time to do everything if you are running behind.

Turn Off Electronics

An hour or so before bed is when you should stop looking at your electronic devices. The illuminated screens can case wakefulness make it harder to get to sleep. Opt, instead, to read a book or work a puzzle, something you can do without looking at your phone, computer, or television.

Get Enough Sleep

Make sure you are getting to bed at a good time and getting six to eight hours of sleep per night. A good night’s rest can make all the difference when trying to be productive the next day.

Drink Water

Drinking water before bed and when you wake up is a healthy habit to get used to doing. Your body needs water to function properly and drinking water before going to bed can have rejuvenating effects.

Set an earlier wake up time

Wake up a little earlier to enjoy a bit of down time before rushing into the day. Take the time between waking up and leaving for work to do something you enjoy. Read a book for a few minutes or take some extra time drinking your coffee. Something that you do for yourself.

Make your bed

This may sound a ridiculous and a little like your mother, but making your bed can give you a clean slate to start the day. When you come home after work, everything will be neat and waiting for you. Even if you are a non-believer in bed-making power, taking a couple of minutes every morning (or every night) to tidy up a bit, can help with your clutter problems over time.


Exercising may sound like the absolute last thing you want do in the morning, but making a habit of getting your blood pumping can program your body into thinking of mornings as much more positive times. It does not have to be a long or tiring routine; even a few minutes of stretching and yoga can help your body feel better in the mornings and get you ready to start the day.

Eat a Good Breakfast

Eating a good breakfast packed with protein can really make a difference in your day. It helps wake your body up and gets you ready to jump into your productive day. If you plan not just a healthy breakfast, but one you can look forward to, you will be that much more eager to get going.


Prioritize your workload or to-do list, with the most important things at the top. Your brain and creative juices are the most active in the mornings and it’s good to go on and get the important out of the way so they are complete and you can focus on the less important or extra things later on when your brain is starting to slow down. Don’t check emails or do busy work until later in the morning.

Your nightly and morning routines may not seem all that important, but how you start the day can really affect how the rest of the day goes and how you feel throughout the day. A more positive outlook and carefully planned schedule can help you accomplish everything you want to without the distraction of trying to figure out what to do next. If you have any other ideas for your morning routine, feel free to let us know.

Figuring out a good routine is a great first step to giving yourself a fresh start to the day and the rest of the day. Don’t forget that if the fresh start you need goes a little deeper, tax season is right around the corner and your refund can help get you the relief you need.

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