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New Year, New Bankruptcy

Julie O'Bryan  |  01-08-18 | 3:10pm

The beginning of every year can come with mixed emotions: relief that the old year has passed, excitement for what the new year has in store, and every other feeling in between. However, for some people, the new year is not something to look forward to. It is just another, day, week, month of hounding creditors. If this is starting to sound familiar, do yourself a favor, and consider starting over this year. Full Story

6 Financial Resolutions to Make This Year

Julie O'Bryan  |  01-03-18 | 10:47am

With the start of a new year, comes the promise of a new you. You think of all the changes you plan to make in your life to ensure that this year is better than the last. Changes like losing weight, eating better, finding a new hobby. More often than not these resolutions fall to the wayside after the first week or so of January. However, if you’re committed to a fresh financial start this year, here are six financial resolutions that are healthy for any wallet. Full Story

5 Ways to Save Money During the Holidays

Julie O'Bryan  |  12-18-17 | 1:20pm

The holiday season can be one of the worst times of the year for your wallet, between all the gift giving, decorating, traveling, and excessive baking. The strain on your budget can make you want to pull your hair out, but here are a few tips that will hopefully help you save money and stress. Full Story

How to Set and Achieve SMART Goals

Julie O'Bryan  |  12-11-17 | 2:40pm

Setting goals is easy. Sticking with them until the end is harder. The first step to turning your goals into reality is to make sure you are setting the right kind of goals. From there, it’s only a matter of time before your well on your way to a happier you. Full Story

Understanding Wage Garnishments

Julie O'Bryan  |  12-04-17 | 2:48pm

Having creditors hound you daily can be a very trying time. It is worse to discover that one or more are trying to take your hard earned money, necessary for you to get by, away from you. You may not understand it right away, but know that this happens to hundreds of people just like you and there are steps that can be taken to reverse the effects. Full Story

11 of our Favorite Financial TED Talks

Julie O'Bryan  |  11-20-17 | 2:16pm

I have handpicked eleven of my favorite financial TED Talks that anyone struggling with money or a satisfied life can benefit from. Here are some of the best TED Talks out there, on topics such as personal finance, minimalism and making the decisions best for you. Full Story

Factors to Consider Before Signing a Reaffirmation Agreement

Julie O'Bryan  |  11-13-17 | 3:23pm

Whether or not to reaffirm on a debt can be a difficult decision, with several factors to consider. A reaffirmation agreement is re-obligating yourself to the debt you owe and is not always possible for all financial situations. However, if you are eligible to sign, it can be a great option for you to keep your home or car. Full Story

5 Benefits of Filing for Bankruptcy

Julie O'Bryan  |  11-06-17 | 3:10pm

When you start a new business or you're just trying to get by, you never imagine that you will ever have to file for bankruptcy. However, these things happen, and it's normal. Thousands of people file for bankruptcy each year. While it's an unpleasant scenario, bankruptcy can bring relief to many business people who are struggling with debt. Since there different types of bankruptcies, it's best to discuss things with a bankruptcy lawyer before going further. Here are the 5 benefits of bankruptcy and why it might be a good choice for you. Full Story

Simple Ways to Save on Groceries

Julie O'Bryan  |  10-30-17 | 4:18pm

For some, the grocery store is a fun adventure to discover new food, for others it’s an absolute nightmare, especially when it comes to the monthly budget. It is very easy to overspend at the grocery store. This can hurt your wallet in many ways, including having to throw away uneaten food a week later. Here are eleven tips to saving money on your next grocery run. Full Story

6 Things Not To Do Before Bankruptcy

Julie O'Bryan  |  10-23-17 | 5:00pm

For most, the decision to file a bankruptcy is a tough choice. It is the final step in a long journey that has included great compromise and sacrifice. However, here is a list of six things you shouldn't do before filing. Full Story

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