Simple Ways to Save on Groceries

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Julie O'Bryan  |  10-30-17 | 4:18pm

For some, the grocery store is a fun adventure to discover new food, for others it’s an absolute nightmare, especially when it comes to the monthly budget. It is very easy to overspend at the grocery store. This can hurt your wallet in many ways, including having to throw away uneaten food a week later. Here are eleven tips to saving money on your next grocery run.

1.   Plan your meals in advance so you know exactly what you need ahead of time. This also gives you the chance to add things to your list that you can use for multiple meals, like chicken or carrots, and don’t waste items that may go bad before you use them again.

2.   Stick to your list and/or your budget. Keep a tally of what you’re buying and when you hit your max budget, call it quits or if you still need a few more things, see what you can get by without. If you’ve never tried store pick-up, it’s another great way to stick to your plan. You order everything ahead of time online and just go to the store to pick it up. You never have to step foot inside the store and be tempted by all the unnecessary items it has to offer.

3.   Buy generic brands whenever possible. Most of the time generic brands of food are just as good as name brands and are usually cheaper. Check the ingredients list and nutrition label if you’re unsure about quality and when in doubt, it never hurts to try.

4.   Try to buy some items that have multiple uses. Whether it’s something that can be used in multiple recipes or that has other uses outside the kitchen, like coconut oil or apple cider vinegar.

5.   Use meat as an additive instead of the main event. Meat can get expensive, so instead of having a steak for every member of your family, use less meat in stir fry, a casserole, or other dish that include other ingredients. You can also bulk up soups and stews with extra veggies, beans, or pasta to use less meat.

6.   Freeze vegetables and fruits that won’t get eaten before going bad to use later in soups or smoothies.

7.   Make enough to have leftovers for lunch or dinner the next day. This can brighten your lunch box with something more exciting than a tuna fish sandwich or can save time on preparation. Just make sure you dive in before it starts to go bad.

8.   Keep your receipts to save money and earn rewards with phone apps like iBotta or Receipt Hog. There are tons of others out there, just do your research to see which ones you like best.

9.   Compare prices of different stores to find the best deals that week. Looking through weekly ads, store websites, or price compare apps can tell you what stores have what on sale when. If it’s convenient for you, shopping around at various locations can save you money where you didn’t think it was possible to save money.

10.  Shop at dollar stores when you just need a few things. In a pinch, dollar stores are great, with their cheap, generic equivalents, or in some cases, smaller portions of the name brands you love.

11.  Stock up on items when items are on sale. Just make sure the expiration date allows you time to go through it all.

Hopefully with the help of these tips and enough planning and dedication, you will be able to decrease your grocery bill on your next trip. It takes a little extra work, but will be worth it in the long run. If you have any other tips and tricks, feel free to let us know. We are always looking for new ideas to save a little money.

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