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Life After Bankruptcy

Get the jump on recovery with our "Life After Bankruptcy" programs.

Why wait until the bankruptcy is over? You can start to rebuild and recover now while the bankruptcy is still active. You will find three options below to ensure you recover from bankruptcy.

Before you begin, make sure to schedule your FREE "Next Steps" consultation with our resident credit repair specialist to discuss what you should do next.

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You have options...

Do you want to learn what the next steps are after filing bankruptcy?

Find out how you can fully repair your credit by watching 13"self-paced" step-by-step online video credit repair lessons.

Choose the complete credit repair solution and have your own dedicated credit repair consultant work with you to full rebuild your credit profile and raise your score.

The choice is yours!

With each of these options, you can learn how to get back on track by accomplishing the following...

  • Raise your credit score back to a great credit score standing.
  • Learn how to obtain credit cards, installment loans, and personal loans once again.
  • Obtain a new vehicle or a new home.


FREE Life After Bankruptcy 3 Video Series


Learn how to completley recover from bankruptcy with three short videos.


Video 1 - What to do immediately following the bankruptcy.

Video 2 - Learn ways to dramatically raise your credit score quickly and effectively.

Video 3 - Get back on track by obtaining vehicles and homes at low interest rates.


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Self-Paced 13 Step-by-step Credit Repair Video Lessons


This affordable video series allows you to completely rebuild your credit profile and dramatically raise your credit score. Learn effective strategies to raise your credit score to a high credit credit rating quickly. Going through these credit repair lessons will allow to acheive a high credit score and position yourself for low interest rates, auto and home loans, and financial security.

Plus, the time it takes to complete these lessons depends on your own pace. Completely recovering from bankruptcy can be acheived within 6 to 9 months following this lesson plan.



Credit Renovations Program


This is a top shelf credit renovation program provided by our local partner, Credit Renovations LLC. This ultimate credit renovation experience, not only raises our clients credit score, but after successfully completely the program, also offers approval for a consumer home mortgage. It comes with a written money back gaurantee and is the best way to not only recover from bankruptcy, but also get back on track and into a new home. Plus, they do all the work for you and the time it takes to recover is quicker then you think.

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