Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Frankfort

Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Frankfort is not as difficult as you’ve been led to believe. If you’re living under the shadow of debt, there’s hope on the horizon. OBryan Law Offices can help you determine the right type of bankruptcy to eliminate the stress of mounting bills. Call OBryan Law at 502-400-4020 to learn more.

If you have an income and wish to protect your home and personal assets, Chapter 13 bankruptcy may prove to be the best option if you’re struggling with debt. Here’s how it works:

- OBryan Law Offices will look closely at your income and debt to determine whether your qualify for Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

- If you qualify, your bankruptcy attorney will create a play of repayment that will involve a partial reduction in the total amount, a reduced interest rate on debt and an extended payment term to help you pay off the debt on your terms.

- Creditors are at an advantage to accept the repayment plan since failure to cooperate will most likely result in non-payment of the debt.

The greatest advantage of filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy for Frankfort residents is that the moment OBryan Law files the petition, all harassment from the creditors must legally stop- repossessions stop as well, along with the threats of foreclosure. This is very often the break clients have been looking for to start rebuilding their financial futures.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a repayment plan that works with your budget in such a way that it becomes possible to start paying down your debt, rather than just paying interest and never touching the balance. Many clients state that all they ever wanted was the chance to pay off their loans in a reasonable way. Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help you do what’s right in the eyes of your creditors, meet your financial obligations and start over with a clean slate once your debt has been repaid.

OBryan Law will create a repayment plan that’s perfect for your financial status, so you can repay what you owe and start over debt-free. If that sounds like a dream come true, contact an attorney to learn more about filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Live agents are standing by to answer your questions when you click the Live Chat link at the bottom of any web page. Get the answers you’re seeking now and take the first step to a new financial future.

Learn about the many benefits of Chapter 13 bankruptcy for Frankfort residents by clicking on ‘Considering Bankruptcy’, then selecting Types of Bankruptcy, Chapter 13. You’ll find the OBryan Law website to be a tremendous wealth of value and resource on your road to becoming debt free. Schedule your free consultation with a lawyer by calling OBryan Law at 502-400-4020. Their bankruptcy lawyer will help you determine the next best course of action in paying down your current debt and learning to manage your finances in a responsible way.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Frankfort
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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Frankfort