Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Louisville

Does it feel as though you’ll never get out from under the burden of debt? Chapter 13 bankruptcy for Louisville residents might be the solution you’ve been looking for. Under Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you’ll be given a new opportunity to repay debt at a lower rate of interest, with an extended period of time to repay your current debt. For many KY residents, Chapter 13 is a better option than debt consolidation.

It can be challenging to understand the differences between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. A good rule of thumb to understanding them is to remember Chapter 7 aims to completely discharge debt while Chapter 13 seeks to find a better way to repay debt. While Chapter 7 might seem like the better option of the two, that’s not always the case- and not everyone qualifies for Chapter 7. OBryan Law Offices can help you determine your best course of action if you’re in debt seeking a solution. If you have an income and are interested in protecting your home and other assets, Chapter 13 bankruptcy could be the better option.

Bankruptcy law recognizes that very often people can become overwhelmed by debt that has a very high rate interest, as is often the case with credit card debt. High interest rates keeps debtors from being able to pay down the balance, since most or all of their payments go toward paying the interest on the loan or debt. For a lot of people, all they want is the opportunity to do the right thing and pay off what they owe, but that’s not as easy as it sounds when interest gets in the way.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy helps Louisville residents work with a lawyer to create a repayment plan for a portion of the debt at a lower interest rate, which allows the balance to become paid down. Your lawyer will also negotiate for an extended time frame to pay off the loan, so that your finances won’t take a hit when payments are due. In this way, a debt-free future becomes a reality.

Under Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Louisville, you can keep your home, your retirement assets, and typically your vehicle and personal property as you start paying down your total debt without taxing your budget. Once the debt has been paid off, you’ll start over with a clean slate, and the satisfying knowledge that you’ve done the right thing.

If you’re dealing with harassing phone calls, emails or letters, let OBryan Law Offices file your petition to stop the harassment immediately. Call OBryan Law at 502-400-4020 to start the process. Request your free consultation with one of their bankruptcy lawyers and learn how filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Louisville can clear the way to a brighter future for you and your family. Get informed- visit the OBryan Law Offices website and take advantage of free resources designed to help you through the process. Speak with an agent via Live Chat or visit the Chapter 13 bankruptcy page to discover the valuable benefits of filing Chapter 13.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Louisville
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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Louisville