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Scheduling credit counseling in Frankfurt is the first step in filing for bankruptcy under KY law. If you’re thinking about filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, OBryan Law Offices can walk you through the steps to becoming debt free. Make a fresh start with your finances and learn how you can avoid repeating the patterns that have led to mounting debt through professional counseling and advice.

Credit counseling is mandatory for anyone seeking a discharge of their debt under bankruptcy law. You can get the most out of counseling by avoiding the temptation to look at it as though it were a waste of your time and money. Very often, counseling proves to be the turning point in a client’s financial status. Professional counseling can help you better understand how you arrived in your current situation, and can prevent you from repeating unhealthy spending patterns that result in debt.

Step one in meeting your requirements for counseling is called pre-filing credit counseling. Frankfurt attorneys from OBryan Law Offices can help you set up a session with a local agency that can fulfill your requirements and prepare you to take your bankruptcy to the next step.

Step two in meeting the requirements comes after your attorney files your petition and is referred to as debtor education. Here you’ll learn how to create a working budget and follow it so that your bankruptcy will not have been in vain. Discharge of your debts will not take place until you’ve completed the course, which can take place in person, over the phone or via the Internet, whichever you prefer.

Get the fresh start you deserve and take control over your financial situation by contacting the bankruptcy experts from OBryan Law Offices. Feel free to call an attorney at 502-400-4020, or visit Live Chat at the bottom of any page to connect with an agent who will be happy to answer your questions. As the most trusted debt relief agency in KY, OBryan Law Offices can help you get set up with credit counseling in Frankfort while preparing your petition for bankruptcy.

Learn more about Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy by downloading the free ebooks available on the OBryan Law Offices website, including: Things You Must Consider Before Filing for Bankruptcy, Getting Started on Your Bankruptcy, and Learn How to Rebuild Your Life After Bankruptcy. You’ll find these ebooks to be valuable tools to revisit as you journey down the road to becoming debt free and transitioning to life with a brand new financial start.

Visit the New Client Center to discover the benefits of credit counseling in Frankfort, download forms and worksheets as you prepare to file, and read about the legal and financial aspects of bankruptcy under Kentucky law. OBryan Law’s attorneys are always just a phone call away if you find that you have questions or require additional information. Don’t forget to request your free consultation with a bankruptcy expert from OBryan Law Offices today.

Credit Counseling Frankfort
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Credit Counseling Frankfort