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Filing for bankruptcy requires that you sign up for credit counseling in KY. While it may seem like a waste of your time, credit counseling is actually a beneficial tool in becoming debt free. It can prove valuable for anyone thinking about bankruptcy to take a closer look at how they got into debt in the first place, and learn skill sets that can keep them from making the same mistake in the future.

OBryan Law Offices understands the process of credit counseling in KY and can help you find the best counseling services to meet your needs. Their lawyers can provide you with special codes to use for discounts when registering for credit counseling in KY. Call 502-400-4020 to schedule a free consultation with the experts in bankruptcy or use the online contact form to connect without leaving the website.

The fact is that many people find themselves in an overwhelming debt situation simply because they have not been given the right tools or taught the right methods of budgeting in their younger years. Counseling that is embraced rather than looked upon as though it were just a means to file for bankruptcy can be extremely beneficial to the client. There are numerous benefits associated with signing up for credit counseling in KY for bankruptcy:

Have you stopped to wonder how your finances got so out of control? You may have just thought it was something that happened to everyone, but the truth is, while crippling debt can and does happen to people from all walks of life, it typically happens as the result of spending over one’s budget. Credit counseling in KY can show you how to live within your means to prevent a repeat of your current situation in the future- it’s one of the greatest advantages of going through the program.

Credit counseling can prepare you for the clean slate that bankruptcy can provide. If you qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you may be able to keep everything you now own and get out from under the burden of debt. When that happens, you’ll want to have the knowledge and skill sets to stay out of debt.

Credit counseling for KY residents very often seeks to encourage Chapter 13 bankruptcy rather than Chapter 7, since it is considered a more responsible type of bankruptcy. With Chapter 13, you’ll renegotiate the terms of each of your loans or debts with your creditors to create a repayment plan that works for your income. Other than simply wiping the site clean, you’ll have the opportunity to pay back a portion of what you owe at a lower interest rate, in terms that make repayment possible.

OBryan Law Offices can help you through the process of scheduling credit counseling in KY and walk you through the bankruptcy process to ensure you have every advantage available to you. Call OBryan Law today at 502-400-4020 to book your free consultation or use the Live Chat website feature to speak with an agent right now.

Credit Counseling Ky
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Credit Counseling Ky