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Facing bankruptcy? How to file? Keep reading for a step-by-step explanation of how to file bankruptcy the right way. But first, are you 100% sure that bankruptcy is the only option? Are you sure that bankruptcy is the best option? Are you aware of all of your options and the various bankruptcy alternatives that exist? Perhaps most importantly, what is your purpose for filing bankruptcy?

These are all worthy and important questions for a person to ask themselves. Filing bankruptcy is no small matter, and filing bankruptcy is a decision that should never be made whimsically, without evaluating all the pros and cons and implications for your life. To get a clear picture of whether or not bankruptcy is right for you, you should first speak with a bankruptcy professional.

O'bryan Law Offices offers free consultations for bankruptcy applicants and debt relief clients. Give us a call today, and we'll do our best to accommodate your schedule for a free consultation. We'll tell you what we need you to bring with you and get a general sense of your current financial situation. During your in-person consultation, we'll learn the details of your case and discuss how to help you best. If bankruptcy is right for you, we'll represent you and make sure the process goes as smoothly and quickly as possible, getting you the result you want.

Step #1 How to File Bankruptcy

The first step in how to file bankruptcy is to speak with a lawyer. Once our bankruptcy lawyers know the ins and outs of your case, then, and only then, we can provide you with sound legal guidance. When bankruptcy is filed, paperwork must be error-free and all the requested information by the court must be disclosed entirely and accurately. Failure to disclose any information, errors on paperwork, or even missed deadlines can ruin your case.

How to File Bankruptcy with No Money?

First, a lot of people, particularly older people who own nothing and whose only source of income might be social security disability, are judgment-proof. In these cases, individuals need not file bankruptcy. Rather, they simply need to write drop dead letters to their creditors. The creditors can sue judgment-proof people all they want, but they are not going to get anything.

Many people are facing a temporary hard time, meaning that they have a low-paying job or might even be between jobs. They might not have a lot of assets to speak of, but they've got a lot of creditors. For people like this, they may not have the money right now, but if they need to file bankruptcy, then they need to find a way to do it. Think about it like this; if you own $70k in credit card debt, $50k in tax debt that might be dischargeable, and $50k in medical debt; would it not make sense to come up with $1,500 - $2k to get that debt discharged?

If this means that you need to get a second job and save money, cut out smoking, get rid of the cable; find a way to get the money! Filing bankruptcy on your own is never a good choice.

Bankruptcy How To File
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